Global Hot Shot - Local and worldwide expedited delivery services up to 10,000 pounds.
When only the fastest, most personal service will GHS.  Direct.  Expedited.
"Customer Service" is our #1 product.   "Safety First" is our philosophy.


The timely delivery of your shipment depends on reliable equipment.  We operate well-maintained vehicles and trailers, which gives our customers confidence and increases our on-time completion rates.

Vehicle size has a direct impact on shipping cost.  We match the right equipment to your mission, which saves you money.


  • 4x4 pickup trucks - half and 3/4-ton diesel
  • All-wheel-drive and economy cars
  • Flatbed and enclosed trailers (18-foot single car haulers)
  • Flatbed and box trucks (26-foot)
  • 16,000 pounds is our flatbed maximum load capability.

Our off-road and ~deep snow~ capabilities make us one of the few companies willing to deliver into mountainous regions, as well as, make mine deliveries to remote locations.  With the aid of helicopters, snowmobiles, and snow cats, we have delivered telecom equipment to mountain tops in the dead of winter.


Telecom towers need maintenance...even in the middle of winter.  Batteries, generators, and radio equipment must sometimes be transported to the site quickly to restore service.  When you are out on the site and need something fast, call GHS.  No problem!