Global Hot Shot - Local and worldwide expedited delivery services up to 10,000 pounds.
When only the fastest, most personal service will GHS.  Direct.  Expedited.
"Customer Service" is our #1 product.   "Safety First" is our philosophy.


GLOBAL HOT SHOT is a group of inspired and motivated people who truly enjoy driving!  We love the accomplishment and reward of helping you overcome unexpected logistics challenges by delivering your shipment on time and in top condition.  We want to be your trusted partner for critical deliveries.  When it is imperative your delivery be made right now, call GHS!


Our primary service, 24x7, is HOT SHOT Deliveries; moving your shipment from point-A to point-B safely, as quickly as possible.  Once you've given us the order to go, we don't delay.  We'll dispatch a driver to your pick-up point within 15 minutes of receiving your order, no matter your location, to arrive within one hour.  From there, we are on our way directly to the delivery point. 

Please see our SERVICES page for more information on Hot Shot, Regular Route, and Scheduled services.


We are extremely sensitive to the importance of your deliveries.  We understand that happy customers are the best customers...for you and for us.  You are using our service because somebody needs your shipment quickly.  Whether the package is a couple of specialty fasteners, a prescription, medical device, or a 5,000# electric motor, we will treat your shipment with "kid gloves" and get it there quickly.  Our drivers are safe, courteous, and professional, assuring a great experience for you and your customers.


Matching the right equipment to the mission makes our service more economical, safer, and more dependable.  We currently handle total shipping weights up to 10,000 pounds on 26-foot box or flat-bed trucks, but also have 4x4 pickup trucks and compact cars to deliver envelopes and samll packages up to 1,500 pounds.  The weather rarely stops us from delivering your products.  Please review the available equipment list on the EQUIPMENT page.