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TRACKING: Where is my delivery now?

Real-time, map-based tracking shows where your delivery is.  As long as the vehicle is within cell coverage, you can see exactly where the vehicle carrying your shipment is located.

To receive a tracking number and access the real-time tracking site, call or send an email to "Tracking @ Global Hot Shot . com".  We'll provide you with a link that will allow you to track your shipment in real-time.

Below is an example of the tracking map showing the location of the freight.  Position updates are transmitted every few minutes.

Delivery Completion:

Our clients call us because they need their delivery quickly.  We measure and track our on-time delivery completions and pride ourselves on providing the best service, the most professional drivers, and confidence that your package will get there on time.

Our definition of on-time is exactly that.  If we say 2:PM, it's 2:PM or "fudge factor".   Last month, our on-time rate was:

June: 98%   GREAT JOB!

The roads around the United States provide some beautiful vistas.   This is the view of Pikes Peak on south-bound I-25 just north of Colorado Springs, Colorado.